Tutto Bene’s mission in producing healthy products

Tutto Bene’s mission in producing healthy products

Obesity is an issue we hear about lots on the news. It is a medical condition and, just like any other medical condition, it needs treating with care – and each patient needs treating as an individual. Obesity is caused by a number of factors and we all have a part to play in reducing the numbers who have to live with this condition.

As a society, food is more available to us and is often cheaper than a couple of generations ago, but we are also far less active than we were then; in fact, according to Public Health England, people in the UK are around 20 percent less active now than in the 1960s.1

At Tutto Bene, we are committed to our name: ‘It’s all good’. What we put in our products is really important to us. We don’t add salt or sugar to our products and we think about health first, so where do we see ourselves fitting in preventing more people having to live with obesity?

Firstly, we are committed to supporting our customers to cook healthy meals which are nutritious and tasty. At the heart of Italian cooking is the family, where everyone gathers round the kitchen to prepare the meal together. Whether you are a busy family, a group of students or a professional hanging out with friends, our ‘Let’s Make It’ range, which includes our Pastas made from legume flours and our Quinoa Burgers, provide easy ways of rustling up something delicious in very little time. To help give additional inspiration, we have plenty of recipes on our website for you to try. We need to reconnect with the true flavour of food and enjoy food together.

Secondly, we are committed to provide healthy snacks which are low in salt; so many of the savoury snacks on offer are high in salt (look out for the red labels). Salt can increase our thirst and so we are more likely to reach for a drink, which might have added sugar, or we try to stop the thirst by eating something else (why do you think salty foods can be so moreish?) – not to mention the role of salt in increasing blood pressure. Our Mini Grissini have no added salt, so are much lower in salt than others on the market. They are a great snack to have with homous or a yoghurt-based tzatziki dip, or alongside some vegetable sticks. Have them along with a glass of water and you might be surprised how full you are.

Thirdly, we are committed to providing transparency. Our ingredients are ‘tutto bene’ (‘all good’), but they do not include every nutrient the body needs, so they can’t be the only thing you eat! Our products also need to be consumed as part of what the Government’s Change for Life programme calls ‘Me Size Meals’.2 We all have different energy needs: some of us have smaller stomachs than others or a higher metabolism, so we need to learn to listen to our own bodies. We need to recognise when we are thirsty rather than hungry; when we are comfort eating or eating in response to emotions; or whether we are actually hungry. Whether we are sitting down to a quinoa burger or a red lentil pasta salad, or having some grissini mid-afternoon, we need to learn to slow down, savour the experience of eating, enjoy each mouthful and really get the true benefit of delicious food – and then we need to get up and move!

1 Guidance – Health matters: getting every adult active every day. Public Health England, published 19 July 2016; available at: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/health-matters-getting-every-adult-active-every-day/health-matters-getting-every-adult-active-every-day

2 http://change4lifewales.org.uk/families/mesize/?lang=en