Parmesan: The King of Cheeses

//Parmesan: The King of Cheeses

Parmesan: The King of Cheeses

The campaign to improve school meals highlighted some of the poor-quality food we were serving our children; thankfully we have seen a great improvement, but there is still a way to go with children’s food generally.

parmesanAt Tutto Bene, we are committed to quality – and that’s why we want children to have only the king of Italian cheese: Parmigiano-Reggiano (Parmesan). They can eat it like a true Italian (one bite at a time) with our Parmesan Flakes – savouring the authentic taste of Italy – or with a big bite thanks to our Parmesan Bites, which are for those super-speedy kids.

As well as quality, Parmesan boasts great nutritional benefits. As the king of cheeses, Parmesan has more protein and less salt than the leading brands of children’s cheese, or even regular cheddar cheese. It also has more calcium (1,155mg rather than between 700-850mg per 100g), which means that just one 8g Parmesan Bite will give a one to three-year-old a third of their daily recommendation for calcium; along with 100ml of milk and 60g of yoghurt, they have reached their target.

However, it is not just one to three-year-olds who need calcium; calcium is an essential nutrient for all ages. Children need calcium to make strong bones as they grow, while adults need it to maintain their bone density. The latest National Diet and Nutrition Survey shows that the average calcium intake for children aged 11-18 was below the recommended intake, so it’s great news that Tutto Bene Parmesan is an easy way to get some of their recommended calcium.

Our Parmesan comes in two types: Original and Vegetarian. Rennet is used in the cheese making process, which comes from animal sources, so our vegetarian Parmesan uses an alternative rennet for the same great taste. (We wouldn’t want the vegetarians to miss out on eating the king of cheeses!) We also have two shapes – Bites and Flakes – and both are great for snacking on, but little fingers may prefer the nibble-sized Flakes.

As well as for snacking on, our Parmesan is also great for cooking with, so why not try using it to make our delicious Lemon and Pea Risotto, or our Parmesan and Italian Herb Popcorn? Get the kids involved, as they can help with the weighing and measuring – plus they will love hearing the popcorn go ‘POP’!

Food fit for a king… or a prince or a princess. Enjoy!